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A guide For The Women How To Chose your leather Jacket Style

A Guide For The Women How To Chose Your Leather Jacket Style

A stylish leather jacket is no doubt is a key hit in the wardrobe of every stylish lady, as it gives versatility to our looks both day and night. Every year our designers take a walk on their catwalks of this autumn-winter outfit in leather of the latest style and trendy colors to beat the cold season of winter.

Anyways this article will be the great help that how to chose the style of your customized leather jacket which suits over your body.

We figure out fallowing kinds of women bodies i.e:

  • Triangle type of body
  • Inverted triangle type of body
  • Diabolo type body

If you are not  clear about your body shape Please read on this article. I assure you once you will able to analyze your body type then you will be in the best position to invest over your appropriate leather jacket with proper accessories and tacks.leather-jackets-by-body-figure


  1. First of all for a triangle type figure of a women, which means very narrow shoulders but heavy hips. Then your ideal jacket will be jacket along with shoulder pads. Because in this way as leather jacket manufacturer we will increase the volume of the top to harmonize with the rest of the body which will be perfect.
  2. If our body is shaped like inverted triangle (heavy shoulders and less hips), as is the case you have to order leather jacket with straight cut, soft-fitted without pads to decrease the volume over the top side of this jacket. In this way you would create the same effect of harmony.
  3. If you have Diabolo type of body , which means wide hips along  with a very strong but thin waist. then you must grab  an  ‘oversize’ leather outfit either in shape of a jacket or leather coat. Because the oversize leather outfit style will suits you and help you to give a cool look on other way you cannot afford tight/ slim fit style leather outfits over this figure.  So in short the best choice for girls ‘Diabolo’ are jackets with more cleavage and tight around the waist that enhance but without excess.

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