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We Use Quality Cowhide Leather

Cowhide Leather

We USA leather jacket brand using the quality cowhide leather in the manufacturing of our biker leather jacket variety because this leather is tough then some other skins. Even it is tough but we assure you its softness and the long lasting due to our selection and process from top class tanneries in our country to make it quality leather.cowhide-leatherjacketsusa

How Cowhide Processed ?

Cowhide means that  it is the cow skin, Initially it is selected in the raw state as a whole skin, Then it is organized by sizes and colors in a tannery where salt treatment given to these cow skins to remove the traditional hair. This hide tanning method is employed to ensure that the hide is soft, and less susceptible to odour and moulting and to ensure that these cowhides will last longer. After its natural dried process then best cow hides are separated from the rest other. The damaged cow hides which cannot be used in full as decorative items like leather jackets, leather shoes, and ladies hand bags etc can be used for patchwork rugs. These skins are usually those with damage (for example cuts and other injuries to the skin during the life of the animal) that causes the skin to tear post drying.leather-processing

Dying Of Cowhide 

We dyed our quality cowhide leather in various colors as per our customers demand for colorful leather jackets. Yes if the customer wants his cow hide leather out in the natural color which are based on the breed of the bovine. We also have these.

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