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  • Charcoal Long Leather Hood Coat

    Charcoal Long Leather Hood Coat

    $ 454.99

    A special article in the long coat category by USA leather brand. This premium designed long coat can be available in all major colors. It is crafted by special 100% lamb skin with premium polyester inner lining to keep you safe from winter. The hood of this jacket is removable you can use it as per your mood.

  • A Charcoal Below Knee Leather Coat

    A Charcoal Below Knee Leather Coat

    $ 400.00

    This antique leather coat for men has a double breast closure with a large notch collar knotting sophistication to its style prepared by USA leather jacket brand . It carries a belted adjustment encircling the entire back reaching the sides at the waist length. The designers have awarded this antique below knee coat with rear vent and belted cuffs making it look urbane and classy.

  • Charcoal Ebb Long Leather Coat for Men

    Charcoal Ebb Long Leather Coat for Men

    $ 499.99

    A simple but effective men long leather coat .You can wear it while going to your office and even can use it at casual occasions. This long leather jacket is crafted with the supreme quality 100% genuine lamb leather to carry its softness and even you can feel the level of softness from the picture. The inner lining is with 100% premium quality polyester. The other features are its five button closure and side pockets.

  • Long Leather Coat Men With Laces

    Long Leather Coat Men With Laces

    $ 599.99

    Another great invention by USA leather brand for those who to wear different long leather coat. This leather coat is nicely designed with lamb skin leather. It is really very soft leather outfit along with inner 100% polyester based quilted lining. The special feature are detail on shoulders, ZIP and fastens with clasps, ZIP on sleeves and pockets, front and back lacing.

  • Leiden Leather Parka Coat For Men

    Leiden Leather Parka Coat For Men

    $ 599.99

    A unique leather coat for unique people look at this all the time trendy design crafted with 100 % genuine cowhide leather but still it very soft and keep you warm in the cold weather. The inner lining 100% polyester and quilted. You can use formal and casual way.

  • Duster Long Leather Coat

    Duster Long Leather Coat

    $ 359.99

    This classic & stylish  Men’s Leather Duster is a glorious juxtaposition of elegance and lovely addition for your wardrobe as well , Its crafted with fully sophistication by using 100% Lamb leather skin. Its softness will give you the idea about our quality leather. The inner lining is that of  !00% premium polyester to keep you save from cold weather of winter.

  • Men's Black Gothic Style Long Leather Coat

    Men’s Black Gothic Style Long Leather Coat

    $ 409.99

    A beautiful long leather jacket of gothic style for the person who want look stylish. This leather coat designed with high quality sheep skin to keep this jacket soft you can use this jacket for both casual and formal purpose. the inner lining is quilted with 100% polyester to keep you warm from cold chilly days of winter.

  • 3-button Long leather Coat for Men3-button Long leather Coat for Men

    3-Button Long Leather Coat For Men

    $ 599.00

    A graceful long trench coat by USA leather brand, this long coat for men  is the bridge the distance between formal and casual . It is crafted with high quality lamb skin with real soft feeling and you will remain comfortable in a cold days of winter because of inner lining of this long coat is of 100% polyester cloth.

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