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Buy Long Leather Coat for Ladies & Men’s from Leather Jackets USA

Buy Long Leather Coat for Ladies & Men's from Leather Jackets USA

Winter woes? No problem!! Long leather coats are the answer!

Order your customized long leather coat right now, delivered to your doorstep!

Price, Quality, Variations, we have everything!

Are you worried about the coming winter because you don’t seem to have the perfect winter apparel? Or the perfect winter jackets?

Well worry no more, because we’ve found the solution for you. Now you can order the best quality long leather jackets for men from us at Leather Jackets USA.

With this order, you no longer have to worry about trusting the quality of your ordered item as we have guaranteed it, nor do you have to worry about going out and fetching it for yourself, because we deliver these items straight to your doorstep.

These long leather jackets, because they are longer than traditional jackets, will keep you snug and warm in the bitterly cold months. They are also a perfect choice if you cannot decide whether you want to order a coat or a jacket, because this way, you can get the best of both worlds without having to decide on either.

Not just this, your long leather coat will be fully customizable as well, so that you can let us know all your preferences about the design and look of the men’s long leather coat. We offer different variations of leather finishes as well as colors like the incredibly popular black and brown.  You can also choose the look of the seams and accessories like buttons and zippers of leather jackets, as well as the general fit of the article so it will fit you to perfection. This is the first online service that allows you such control over the creation of your leather apparel and you can even submit different brand designs to have replicas made of your favorite designs. Despite all this, our price tag remains affordable, which is quite unbelievable.

The leather jackets are a very prevalent look in winter fashion and we see many celebrities sporting them every day of winter. Public figures like David Beckham, Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt regularly step out in these highly stylish leather jackets. If you wish to emulate their worldwide style, then order these top quality leather jackets from us right now!

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Buy Leather Jackets Online From Leather Jackets USA

Get the best quality leather apparel. Shop Now!!

Don’t miss this chance to buy customized leather jacket online! – Best pricing and delivered straight at your doorstep!

Do you wish to be the foremost in fashion this winter? Now is your chance with these fabulous customized leather jackets that you can buy online from us! These gorgeously made jackets in their plush and luxurious material are sure to set you apart from the rest of the crowd as you will not only be fighting the cold, you will be looking splendid while you do it!

Our Leather Jackets:

Leather Jackets USA is where you can buy customized leather jackets online. Whether it’s a classic fashion jacket, a utility-oriented motorcycle jacket, a leather bomber jacket or a leather overcoat, we deal in them all. Contact us right now to place your order!

Other Leather Apparel:

Apart from jackets, we also deal in other leather garments like leather dresses (which are very much in vogue now a days), leather skirts and leather pants and leggings for women as well as leather vests and pants for men. These leather garments are the look of the modern times and are a totally necessary inclusion in the wardrobe!


The best thing about ordering from us is the option to customize your garment as much or as little as you like. You can choose from one of our own provided designs and patterns, or you can submit a design for yourself. The designs we are offering are also very popular and are great if you simply want something that will make you look effortlessly good without putting too much effort into. Otherwise, you can add or subtract details that you wish, or you can submit an exact design which you would like to have copied. In light of that, we also make first rate designer replicas. Which means you can have the look of gorgeous high fashion in an affordable little sum and buy customized leather jacket online.

Leather quality:

The quality of the leather is what determines the overall look of a leather garment. There are too many garments out in the market made of cheap and flimsy material. This is not the case at Leather Jackets USA. We use cow hide leather of the best possible quality and it reflects in our products. The reason we use cow hide leather in most of our products is because of its durability and affordability, as we wish to keep all our products within an affordable range for an average customer without sacrificing on quality and durability.


There are many small details that go into the creation of a leather garment, especially a leather jacket. These details include the material, color and pattern of the lining of the jacket, the option to insert buttons, zippers or both and the design and material of these as well. Then there is the option of what kind of seam to use when stitching the leather jackets, as there are various kinds of seams that give their own unique look to the garment that they are used upon. Along with these, there is the option to include various kinds of collars and pocket flaps onto the garments. Every single detail of these is customizable by customer. With all of these, one thing is for sure, every single detail is of the highest possible quality within the price range set by the customer, and adds more style and class to the overall look of the garment

Cheap pricing:

Now comes the best part of the whole scenario, and that is the remarkably low prices compared to the rich quality of our products. As these are leather products, the price is still higher than a similar article made out of cotton, but that is only to be expected. However when you keep in mind the beautiful material and quality of these leather articles, you will be left shocked that you can actually afford them! It really is too good a deal to miss out on. Don’t miss your chance to order these leather garments. In fact, they will be delivered straight to your doorstep, and you just can’t beat that.

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A guide For The Women How To Chose your leather Jacket Style


A Guide For The Women How To Chose Your Leather Jacket Style

A stylish leather jacket is no doubt is a key hit in the wardrobe of every stylish lady, as it gives versatility to our looks both day and night. Every year our designers take a walk on their catwalks of this autumn-winter outfit in leather of the latest style and trendy colors to beat the cold season of winter.

Anyways this article will be the great help that how to chose the style of your customized leather jacket which suits over your body.

We figure out fallowing kinds of women bodies i.e:

  • Triangle type of body
  • Inverted triangle type of body
  • Diabolo type body

If you are not  clear about your body shape Please read on this article. I assure you once you will able to analyze your body type then you will be in the best position to invest over your appropriate leather jacket with proper accessories and tacks.leather-jackets-by-body-figure


  1. First of all for a triangle type figure of a women, which means very narrow shoulders but heavy hips. Then your ideal jacket will be jacket along with shoulder pads. Because in this way as leather jacket manufacturer we will increase the volume of the top to harmonize with the rest of the body which will be perfect.
  2. If our body is shaped like inverted triangle (heavy shoulders and less hips), as is the case you have to order leather jacket with straight cut, soft-fitted without pads to decrease the volume over the top side of this jacket. In this way you would create the same effect of harmony.
  3. If you have Diabolo type of body , which means wide hips along  with a very strong but thin waist. then you must grab  an  ‘oversize’ leather outfit either in shape of a jacket or leather coat. Because the oversize leather outfit style will suits you and help you to give a cool look on other way you cannot afford tight/ slim fit style leather outfits over this figure.  So in short the best choice for girls ‘Diabolo’ are jackets with more cleavage and tight around the waist that enhance but without excess.
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Why We Are Ahead Than Our Competitors For Quality Leather Jackets and Coats?

Followings are top reasons that make Leather Jackets USA  much better than our top level competitors ” Wilson Leather jackets“.

To produce the highest quality genuine leather jackets and coats. We always focused upon the fallowing essentials to craft top level real and custom made leather jackets for our valued customers which our top competitors Wilson leather and Overland are not offering.

1-  Its Durability& SoftnessLeather-Jacket-Softness

Durability is the core quality for any leather jacket or even in any leather product because of its cost. To assure our own factory’s  leather jackets strength and  durability  we use full grain aniline leather, which is deep dyed for a rich and long lasting colors. As  we using full grain leather which means that you does not require any particular process for the protection of your leather garment moreover this leather will also become more soft and strong over the years.

2- Its Trendy designing’s, Fitting & extras

Another indicator of quality in a leather jacket is its quality designing’s and fitting as per your body shape . While  designing  your leather jacket  we  assure that does yourLeather-Jackets-USA-cutting desired jacket  is fit well in the sleeves when you move your arms around? Do the zippers seem sturdy and move smoothly? Are the cutline’s complementary to your shape? USA Leather brand carefully hand-selects the finest-crafted coats or jackets so that you’ll look and feel your best, year after year. Our thickness level for the normal leather jacket or leather Coat is from 0.6 mm to 0.7 mm and for biker leather jackets we use thickness from 1.3 to 1.8 mm.

3- Quality Stitching & Workmanship

We crafted  your finest leather jacket or leather coats over the high end  leather machines with quality threads sewing threads which caused the range of special stiching-leather-jacketsfinishes which are designed to deliver excellent seam appearance and performance in your  leather garments & quality  smooth  zippers. Moreover we also use the feature luxurious linings and trims that’s cause for extra warmth and durability as well.