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Buy Leather Jackets Online From Leather Jackets USA

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Don’t miss this chance to buy customized leather jacket online! – Best pricing and delivered straight at your doorstep!

Do you wish to be the foremost in fashion this winter? Now is your chance with these fabulous customized leather jackets that you can buy online from us! These gorgeously made jackets in their plush and luxurious material are sure to set you apart from the rest of the crowd as you will not only be fighting the cold, you will be looking splendid while you do it!

Our Leather Jackets:

Leather Jackets USA is where you can buy customized leather jackets online. Whether it’s a classic fashion jacket, a utility-oriented motorcycle jacket, a leather bomber jacket or a leather overcoat, we deal in them all. Contact us right now to place your order!

Other Leather Apparel:

Apart from jackets, we also deal in other leather garments like leather dresses (which are very much in vogue now a days), leather skirts and leather pants and leggings for women as well as leather vests and pants for men. These leather garments are the look of the modern times and are a totally necessary inclusion in the wardrobe!


The best thing about ordering from us is the option to customize your garment as much or as little as you like. You can choose from one of our own provided designs and patterns, or you can submit a design for yourself. The designs we are offering are also very popular and are great if you simply want something that will make you look effortlessly good without putting too much effort into. Otherwise, you can add or subtract details that you wish, or you can submit an exact design which you would like to have copied. In light of that, we also make first rate designer replicas. Which means you can have the look of gorgeous high fashion in an affordable little sum and buy customized leather jacket online.

Leather quality:

The quality of the leather is what determines the overall look of a leather garment. There are too many garments out in the market made of cheap and flimsy material. This is not the case at Leather Jackets USA. We use cow hide leather of the best possible quality and it reflects in our products. The reason we use cow hide leather in most of our products is because of its durability and affordability, as we wish to keep all our products within an affordable range for an average customer without sacrificing on quality and durability.


There are many small details that go into the creation of a leather garment, especially a leather jacket. These details include the material, color and pattern of the lining of the jacket, the option to insert buttons, zippers or both and the design and material of these as well. Then there is the option of what kind of seam to use when stitching the leather jackets, as there are various kinds of seams that give their own unique look to the garment that they are used upon. Along with these, there is the option to include various kinds of collars and pocket flaps onto the garments. Every single detail of these is customizable by customer. With all of these, one thing is for sure, every single detail is of the highest possible quality within the price range set by the customer, and adds more style and class to the overall look of the garment

Cheap pricing:

Now comes the best part of the whole scenario, and that is the remarkably low prices compared to the rich quality of our products. As these are leather products, the price is still higher than a similar article made out of cotton, but that is only to be expected. However when you keep in mind the beautiful material and quality of these leather articles, you will be left shocked that you can actually afford them! It really is too good a deal to miss out on. Don’t miss your chance to order these leather garments. In fact, they will be delivered straight to your doorstep, and you just can’t beat that.

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Leather Jackets USA is introducing “Indiana Jones Leather Jacket”


Our leather jacket designer is really inspired with leather Jacket worn by Famous actor Dr Harrison Ford in the movie ” Riders of the lost ark ” (released in the year 1981)  as a character Indiana Jones. 

Why he Inspired from this old fashion leather jacket?

He said that

As a designer of the leather jacket he really inspired by Indiana’s jackets its stitching style, color grace, angle of the pockets.

That’s why  he cannot resist himself to produce these Indiana Jones style leather jacket

View the art of our darling leather designer

Want to buy??  Click here

Indian Jones leather jacket detail descriptions

These  Indiana Jones Leather Jackets really original and exactly copied with great vision & no doubt that it has been painstakingly designed and created with high attention to the details.

The jacket is made from 100% soft black Cow nappa leather.

  • Shirt style collar
  • Front YKK zip closure
  • 2 interior pockets
  • 2 outer side flapped pockets
  • Made in Pakistan
  • Internally fully lined with polyester to keep you warm as well

Breaking News
We can make your Indian Jones jacket of the color of your choice. You can order custom made jacket in ALL sizes; the standard measurements are as below.
Jackets sizes are displayed in following order.


Leather Quality

For this particular Indiana Jones jacket in leather we used top quality and durable and flexible leather material.

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Why Leather Jackets Are Popular In Celebs?


With amazing designer leather jackets around, these have become quite popular among a number of celebs. 

As a “USA leather jackets brand” maker we have a significant survey by asking various reason about the importance of leather jackets of various styles in their regular life style. Because we felt that Celebs are highly crazy about leather apparels especially jackets.

The following are the popular celebs who are always crazy for amazing designer leather jackets:

  1. David Beckham
  2. Tom Cruise
  3. Justin Bieber
  4. Ryan Goslingost
  5. Elena Gilbert

With the fallowing interesting reasons

Reason 1 Celebs crazy  for a stylish leather jacket  because these jackets give them a unique feel which cannot be experienced by the light T shirts. the fact is , that a nicely crafted  leather jackets give them bulky and fuller appeal and it is this appeal which just matches their personality and aura.

Reason 2- Celebs would like to present their selves in a unique manner. This difference creates an aura of uniqueness. Yes  Leather jackets have its own uniqueness & that’s why they believe that  no other clothing has element of permanence as compare  to outfit like leather jackets, and this is the real reason of  its popularity among  celebs.

Reason 3– The quality leather  no doubt  has its own versatility  and quite a stylish outlook. Our celebs think  that  this stylish outlook is matched  with their  personalities. which is another  promising reason for celebs to like  the leather jacket.

Reason 4– Why our celebs like  designer made leather jackets? Because  of the  unique concepts not only in designing’s but  also the high leather quality used by them . Obviously celebrities love to go for these types of jackets as such types of jackets create a unique and striking appeal. These types of jackets are a complete fad amongst the young celebs.

Reason 5- In another question celebs said  that they don’t bother the cost over the quality . Quality leather outfit also help them even in the various shoots, functions and particularly as a actor in movies as well. In short expansive clothing are in their need because of the  nature of their work and the money revolving around them have penchant for expensive clothing.

Reason 6- Interesting reason  is that  they like to Show off as well.  They think that absolutely no better way to show off with quality fashion  jackets.


If you are someone looking for quality celebrity leather jacket you can shop here